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We, the team of Mattresses Paradise, have put the care of the healthy sleep on the first place.  People spend one third of their life sleeping. That is why choosing the right mattress is extremely important and beyond any compromise.

We offer you the possibility to choose between different types of mattresses, French beds and accessories made in accordance with all international standards of quality and meeting your individual preferences and needs.

One-sided or two-sided mattress? The first has only one soft side and the bottom is a wooden construction from pine tree material or inbuilt mattress frame. The two-sided mattress could have two sides from different materials and different hardness, which gives you the opportunity of choice of comfort. With one-sided mattresses you don’t need to use a mattress frame. With two-sided mattresses the necessity of a frame depends on the type of the construction of the bed. Two-sided mattresses could have a removable washable cover, which provides good hygiene.

Today mattresses are made of modern materials, which give the feeling of softness and at the same time provide good support for the body. To make it easier for you to choose among the variety of models, we will group them according to their type – spring, latex and foam mattresses.

The most common are spring mattresses. Depending on the technology, in which they are made, they can be with spring package Bonnell or Pocket System. The mattresses with springs provide a proper position and solid support of the body; withstand the everyday use and great pressures. The spring package Bonnell is made of double-cone springs of hardened steel, linked with a spiral. This is the most widely used spring package in the mattress production, due to the optimal combination between price and good orthopedic features. This spring package is extremely durable and there are no changes in its quality features even after long years of active exploitation.

The excellent orthopedic and anatomic features of the luxury class mattresses are due to the high-tech spring package Pocket System – the most durable core, in which each spring is in individual textile pocket. Due to the independent movement of each one of the springs, they sink evenly and adapt according to the contours of the body. Proper intake of the pressure provides equal weight distribution over the entire surface of the mattress and keeps the spine in a natural position.The movement of the springs in the pocket system provides constant circulation of air. This “breathing” core with good ventilation ensures relaxing sleep, as well as long life for the mattress.

Mattresses made of Foam can consist of one or several layers of polyurethane foam. They can be of varying density, structure and hardness. Some of the layers can be profiled with the aim of greater elasticity and natural massaging effect, as well as better ventilation. Combining different types of foams enables the creation of mattresses with different sense of softness and comfort, depending on the individual preferences and needs.

Another modern material used in the mattresses is Latex. It is an extremely flexible material that takes the form of the human body, follows its every curve and provides ergonomic support. Mattresses made of latex reduce the tension in the muscles of the whole body, provide anatomic support of the spine, facilitate the proper blood circulation and ensure deep and healthy sleep. Thanks to its natural alkaline features latex provides anti-bacterial and anti-allergic environment. The vertical holes into the core ensure good ventilation of the mattress.

The latest generation of high-tech elastic material from the polyurethane group is Memory foam. The name literary means “foam with memory”. Its thermoelastic features enable it to “remember” the shape of the body. When warmed it becomes soft and sinks into the points with greater pressure enfolding the whole body. This distributes the weight evenly over the surface and relieves tension in the individual areas. Memory foam has a pore structure, which provides good ventilation. The body temperature is balanced; tiredness and pain give way to a complete relaxation. When the pressure stops, the foam slowly regains its original shape. This elasticity is the key to the relaxing properties of Memory foam.

Memory Foam is a combination of viscosity and elasticity, that’s why it is also called "visco-elastic". Adapts itself to the shape of the lying body, reacts to body temperature, and it is softer and warmer in its immediate vicinity. An innovative option suitable for warm nights is the Memory Gel foam - Memory foam with cooling gel capsules, which provides excellent body temperature regulation during sleep. The cooling gel gives a feeling of pleasant freshness and contributes to restorative relaxation of the muscles and complete rest of the body.